Oh - Ashlee

News That Mainstream Media Hides

Is Ashlee Simpson the voice behind Bill O’Reilly?

That’s the claim leaking from the Andrea Mackris settlement alleging sexual harassment by O’Reilly. Apparently, O’Reilly told senior Fox News Channel executives he was merely lip syncing Simpson's words when making lewd comments to Mackris. O'Reilly said Simpson forced him to lip-synch the calls, threatening that if he refused, Fox News Chairman "Roger Ailes would come knocking at my door," and that Ailes "knows powerful people."

Confronted with news of the leak O’Reilly lip synched “Shut up,” then blamed live TV for the Mackris calls. “My producer played the wrong tape,” O'Reilly lipped, danced a jig then tripped.

But fans didn’t buy it. President George Bush was among angry viewers writing into the Fox News Channel website. “u suck,” Bush wrote to O’Reilly. “i was so into ur swift boat intervu. but now i see ur bitchin slam came from a lamo girl :(”

Mel Gibson stood alone in standing up in O'Reilly's defense. Lip-syncing to words recorded by Pontius Pilate, Gibson said, “Bill was probably suffering from acid reflux. Every self deluder has throat problems from time to time. That’s why I forced Sean Connery to voice my lines in Braveheart.” Gibson then stopped, stared blankly, danced a jig and dangled himself from a crucifix.

Fox News Channel insiders say O’Reilly now insists that every misstatement he's ever made was really the work of Ashlee Simpson and forces behind her "trying to take me down." Insiders say he's convinced Al Franken is driving this "conspiracy of voices" speaking for O'Reilly on topics ranging from his demeaning lunch orders to his argument that we must stop Nikita Krushchev.

Avril Lavigne called that “pathetic.”

For her part, Simpson has had enough of this latest controversy. O’Reilly lipped along as Simpson said, “This brutal ordeal is now over and it’s the last I’ll speak of it.”

While O’Reilly stumbled to keep step, Simpson danced a jig then retired.


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