Your Next Step is blowin’ in the wind

To: Ashlee Simpson
From: The Advisor
Date: 3 October 2005
RE: Blowin' in the Wind

Ashlee, let me first congratulate you on your 21st birthday, your dynamite new hair color, and the rockin’ insights loaded into your new album “I Am Me.” That title screams volumes about what you  offer the music business.

In fact let’s stop right here and look at the lyrics toof your hit, Catch Me When I Fall.

“I know it seems like people care
Cause they're always around me
But when the day is done and everybody runs
Who will be the one to save me from myself”

Isn’t it all too plain!? With lyrics like these your next step is clear. It’s time to launch - Ashlee is Dylan. That’s right. Let’s look at the song’s hook.

“Who will be the one who's there
And not ashamed to see me crawl
Who's gonna catch me when I fall”

Ashlee, I’m not giving away the store here when I say – no one writes like that anymore. You do. That means you must!

dylanNext time anyone asks where’s our generation’s Dylan? Who’ll show us the way? You stand right up young lady. Here I am America, hiding in plain sight - Ashlee Simpson.

Let me remind you of your own quote. "When I write, I put my whole self out there. I felt like I had to write about all my experiences during the past year."

Yes you did. Yes you did. And what an interesting year too. Imagine what we  could all learn if you write about the next year.

Also, that Dylan movie is out, meaning his name is back in the news – hopefully long enough for you to snatch it.


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